What We Do


Our clients own diversified portfolios of individual stocks, ETFs, REITs, bonds and preferred shares. The direct owning of these investments saves our clients costs and offers the most transparent investment strategies. This approach allows clients to avoid sectors that they choose not to invest in for environmental, ethical or personal reasons, and also enables them to own a portfolio that is tailored to their unique needs. Raymond James has excellent software providing our clients with the ability to always know their rate of return and the income being produced by the portfolio. Tax minimization techniques are used, but are always balanced with the goals of safety, liquidity and rate of return. Whether you need to improve your income or are looking for income and capital growth, we will put you - and your needs - first.

Our team understands that every client’s financial goals and retirement plans are unique. We create financial strategies that evolve as our clients enter each phase of their lives. We help clients with a comprehensive list of their financial planning needs including:

  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Insurance needs when necessary