Douglas Duncan Wealth Management

The important role we fulfill as investment professionals is to ensure that our clients have a good investment experience over many years, usually decades. The first part of our process is to listen and learn about your goals, financial needs and risk temperament. Once we understand these, we can create a portfolio specifically tailored to you. Over the years we make recommendations based not only on market opportunities and tax savings, but on your financial needs as they evolve.

How We Help

  1. Unbiased Financial Advice: Raymond James Ltd. is the largest independent full-service investment firm in Canada that supports a culture of independence, allowing us the complete freedom to offer unbiased financial advice.
  2. Experience: Our team has over 56 years of combined experience to serve our clients in bull and bear markets.
  3. Convenience: All four of our team members are licensed Investment Representatives, and our office is open between 6:30am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday.
  4. Service: Our clients are contacted at least every 90 days, often more frequently as investment opportunities arise.
  5. Tax and Estate Planning: We help clients with a comprehensive list of financial planning needs.
  6. Tailored advice: Each client has a portfolio specifically constructed to their own risk tolerance, investment goals and ethical values. Our clients own their investments directly, so they know exactly what they own.
  7. Lower costs: We specialize in managing income oriented portfolios that save our clients the higher fees associated with managed portfolios. Our clients usually pay between a third to one half of the fees of most mutual funds and other structured products.

Senior advisor, Ian Douglas is very proud that many of his original clients who joined him when he started the business in 1985 are still with him today. Together with associate advisors, Mark Duncan and Meaghan Douglas, our team continues to service clients from the greater Nanaimo area, Vancouver, Victoria, and throughout Canada.